Don't make me state the obvious, but do let me tell you, this is a real product. Quite ingenious actually. Putting new grips on old tools is a pain. Not only are there a million different things on the market, everyone seems to have their own 'bulletproof' way of getting it done.

Most of the time, it's some sort of wrap. Like baseball bat grip tape or some synthetic abomination a less-than-reputable company calls 'leather.' For the last few years, dips have become quite popular, but they're super messy and not real durable. Rubber sleeves have been a staple, but if you've ever put new grips on a set of handlebars, it can be a PITA. Lubing with dish soap, waiting for it to cure, and that familiar Summer sweaty hand funk afterwards... No dice.

Re-Grip looks seriously different. Sure, it's essentially a rubber grip, but the application is brilliant! Just pop it on, pull the cord, done. Easy, simple, and clean. Not bad marketing either.

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