During the 1994 comedy film Airheads, Chaz (Brendon Fraser), Rex (Steve Buscemi) and Pip (Adam Sandler) hold a radio station hostage because they want their band, The Lone Rangers, to get some airplay. Suspicious of a man who they believe to be a cop, they challenge him to some rock ‘n’ roll trivia. Infamously, they ask, “Who would win in a wrestling match — Lemmy or God?” The faux record executive flip-flops his answers before The Lone Rangers reveal it's a trick question because, exclaiming, “Lemmy is God.”

Sure, the phrase “Lemmy is God” was intended to be a throwaway joke in a B-rate '90s film 24 years ago, but it has stuck with us as a metal community. As today (Dec. 24) would have been Lemmy's 73rd birthday, we reflect on the life of the baddest motherfucker in rock 'n' roll history and break down all of the reasons as to why we've come to accept Lemmy as our one true Lord and Savior.

10 Reasons Why Lemmy Is God

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