Remember when Creed delivered an outrageously epic NFL halftime performance on Thanksgiving Day in 2001 in Dallas, Texas, as the hometown Cowboys faced off against the Denver Broncos? It was the one where multiple aerialists twirled about, soaring through the stadium with grace in front of an awestruck crowd of nearly 65,000 people, if that helps jog your memory at all.

The brief set featured a medley of three Creed songs — "Higher," "My Sacrifice" and "Don't Stop Dancing," the latter two being from the band's third album, Weathered, which was released two days prior to the mainstream media spectacle. The first track was, thematically, a fitting choice considering the Cowboys trailed the Broncos 3-17 at the half (they went on to lose their annual Thanksgiving game 24-16 in a season they finished in last place in their division with a record of 5-11).

For Cowboys fans, Creed's performance was likely the biggest highlight of the afternoon. The band transitioned from "Higher" to "My Sacrifice" flawlessly, as singer Scott Stapp punched the sky in perfect sync with the song shift.

For most of the seven-minute production though, Creed were of secondary focus for those in attendance and watching at home on TV. Aerialists, outfitted with what appeared to be the longest set of bed sheets in existence that served as a sort of makeshift pair of angel wings, whizzed through the air, sometimes even in tandem with one another as they pulled off gravity-defying stunts.

Relive all the bombast and glory of those magical few minutes in the video below.

Creed Perform at Dallas Cowboys Halftime Show on Thanksgiving Day, 2001

Having reunited in 2023, the internet has been totally supportive of the band and the Thanksgiving performance has gone viral all over again. Recognizing how beloved it was, they've launched a commemorative shirt, as seen below.

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