Welcome to 2013, when life was so him-hum that we put people in perceived harms way just for entertainment. This is Dual Survival. A very short-lived reality TV show that started out strong, but soon met its demise through pure shenanigans. In this era, survival TV was all the rage. Bear Grylls was the king of them all. Known for eating anything, squeezing life-saving moisture out of elephant dung, and drinking his own pee. Remember that meme?

Skip forward to season three of Dual Survival. After an outpouring of stolen valor accusations of the original co-host Dave Canterbury, they recruited verified military participant Jo Teti. He also encountered issues with his service record, especially how Discovery decided to spin it, but that's not the gist of this life lesson.

Codi Lundin, the "hippie" that did the entire show barefoot is an actual, legitimate survival expert. That man will forget more about survival than 99.9% of everyone will ever know. He was the brains in every situation on the show. So when Jo decided he would up Bear Grylls ante and drink his own pee, we get a short by astute lesson about urine. I hope you take it to heart and understand you shouldn't do this ever.

Also, it's worth mentioning... You know how you can evaporate seawater into drinking water? You can't do that with pee. Pee is pee. Unless you chemically treat it like the military does, you're doing more harm than good.

Lets hope 2020 doesn't go that far.

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