While there were a number of big pre-pandemic band reunion announcements, you can add one more reunion of significance that is now expected to take place in 2022. Three members of emo outfit Sunny Day Real Estate are expected to reform this year, though bassist Nate Mendel who went on to join Foo Fighters will not be part of the run.

According to Spin, recent social media teases and activity are expected to eventually reveal that singer/guitarist Jeremy Enigk, guitarist Dan Hoerner and drummer William Goldsmith will reunite under the Sunny Day Real Estate name, utilizing still unnamed additional musicians to fill out the touring lineup. In their report, Spin cited "people familiar with the situation" as tipping the tour, though no official statement or tour dates have been revealed as of yet. These would be the first Sunny Day Real Estate shows in 12 years.

Goldsmith has been dropping hints via social media in recent days, where he's shown bits of rehearsal and a text exchange with Hoerner. There has also been a new Sunny Day Real Estate tour account set up on Instagram, though no content has been added as of yet.

The band formed in Seattle, Washington in 1992, releasing their debut album Dairy two years later in 1994. They would issue four albums in full with 2000's The Rising Tide being their final release. Their final two albums were made without Mendel who had moved onto Foo Fighters, though the bassist returned between 2009-2014 for their most recent prior reunion tour.

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