All too often, in almost every facet of life, our society favors the new and shiny over the old and reliable. This video might be the best example of that.

It starts with a dollar flee market knife. It's old, rusty, corroded, ugly, and everything our modern society hates in a product... But with a little work, it sheds that rusty cover for a mirror finish that will most likely last another lifetime. Say that about anything sold at a Walmart.

You always hear that old saying 'They don't make them like they used to...' But that's not exactly true... While ugly, that blade will cut smoother, sharper, longer than anything under a few hundred dollars these days. Because they do still make things like that nowadays, but everyone is too cheap to pay for quality.

We're not a frugal society as much as a cheap society. Frugal might spend the extra money to buy something once... Cheap people will buy the same cheap stuff over and over expecting different and better results.

In a cheap world, be a frugal person. Pick up something old and make it new again.

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