Back in March, Banecat revealed himself to an unsuspecting world. That video ended with a cliffhanger as Banecat discovered his owner's plans to pass Banecat off to someone else. We were left wondering if and when Banecat would follow through on his promise to kill his owner.

The new video in this epic tale picks up right where the last ended -- Banecat has issued his threat. The victimized owner tries solving his cat's newfound aggression by taking him to the vet. This ends up backfiring, as it provides Banecat with an opportunity to meet another megalomaniac criminal, Jokercat.

Jokercat joins forces with Banecat to wreak havoc on our protagonist's home. But the story takes an unexpected turn when a stranger arrives at the front door, asking if the cat is still for sale. We're left wondering what's next when the cat's owner turns to Banecat and smiles.

This saga may be just the thing to help you waste a few minutes of your life while the boss isn't watching.

Here's the first video again, just in case you need to catch up:

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