Rex Brown just unveiled a deeply personal fact about his new track “Buried Alive.” From his upcoming debut solo album, Smoke on This, “Buried Alive” was written about how Brown dealt with the death of iconic Pantera bandmate Dimebag Darrell.

Brown put a lot of love into Smoke on This, taking a lot of tim to find his singing voice for the record. Rex also put down the bass and picked up a six-string for the album, choosing to jettison what he was best known for in favor of something fresh. So far, fans have received Rex’s new tracks “Crossing Lines,” “Buried Alive” and “Train Song” with open arms, and they’ll be able to hear the full album come July 28.

As for “Buried Alive,” Rex divulged its tragic inspiration during an interview with The Rockpit. "It's about what I went through after he died," he said. "You lose your best friend, your soulmate, you miss everything. You lose a lot of shit, and I went through f—king tons of black water trying to find me, and when something like that happens, when I was trying to write that in the studio, I wasn't really thinking about it until later down the road when somebody brought it up: 'You're really singing about that.' I said, 'You know, it was cathartic in a way.’”

Rex adds, “It's not a tribute. I don't want to rest on a dead man's anything. So it's not a tribute. It's just what were my feelings were on what I was going through, and it's on the track, man. It's not that big a deal."

On the lighter side of Smoke on This, Brown recently told us that “Get Yourself Right” is the album’s quintessential weed song. “Get Yourself Right” isn’t available to hear yet, but you can see Brown talk about the chronic’s influence on his music and life in the video below.

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