It took some doing, but Rigor Mortis have finalized details for their fourth and final studio album. The band will release 'Slaves to the Grave' on Oct. 7 via their own Rigor Mortis Records.

The veteran metallers last recorded 23 years ago, but the original lineup decided to pick up their instruments again in February 2012 to lay down some new music. Sadly, later in 2012, the band's founding guitarist Mike Scaccia would die from a massive heart attack onstage performing with the group, which made it even more of an imperative for the surviving band members to get this music to the fans. Scaccia was also a member of Ministry.

When no labels stepped up to release the disc, the band decided to self-release the album and they started an IndieGoGo campaign to help offset some of the costs. They tapped artist Michael Broom to provide the artwork, called in a few favors to get it mixed and mastered correctly and have decided to add a "making of" DVD featurette as well as press the album on vinyl, providing fans with some options as to how they receive the music.

Pantera / Down frontman Philip H. Anselmo says of the set, "Rigor Mortis back with an LP with Bruce Corbitt on vocals is fantastic. His era is Rigor, which is my favorite of all time because that's what I grew up seeing before my very eyes, and to this day is one of my favorite bands. This new offering will not, and cannot disappoint any hardcore Rigor fan! It's impossible! Every element, and then some, are shredded throughout this record ... Hail Rigor Mortis! … RIP The GREAT Mike Scaccia!!!!"

Featured tracks on the disc include the high velocity 'Flesh for Flies,' the album opener 'Poltergeist' and 'Blood Bath.' According to a press release, the true highlight of the disc is the guitar playing by the late Scaccia. "Without question, this record contains some of Mike's finest work," reads the statement. "In his zone and with no restraints, he delivered some absolutely stellar performances. His solo at the end of "Blood Bath", for instance, is absolutely breathtaking." Check out the full Rigor Mortis 'Slaves to the Grave' track listing below.

There will be two special Rigor Mortis events to celebrate the album's release. Members of Rigor Mortis will play under the moniker Wizards of Gore and will join Dead Horse and Dead Earth Politics among others at a Dallas release part on Sept. 27 at the Curtain Club. Wizards of Gore will also play Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Fest, which takes place the weekend of Oct. 23-26 at Emo's in Austin, Texas.

Rigor Mortis, 'Slaves to the Grave'

1. 'Poltergeist'
2. 'Rain of Ruin'
3. 'Flesh for Flies'
4. 'The Infected'
5. 'Blood Bath'
6. 'Ancient Horro'
7. 'Fragrance of Corpse'
8. 'Curse of the Draugr'
9. 'Sacramentum Gladiatorium'
10. 'Lududs Magnus'

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