It's become an all too common practice where scammers will try to prey on a music lover's fandom for their own gain, and it's something that Poison drummer Rikki Rockett and his wife TC are attempting to thwart by sharing a new video in which they detail how they've been catching people claiming to have ties to Rikki in order to scam his fans.

"Every day I get something where somebody says, 'Is this you contacting me?' And then I'll look at some crazy idea of what they think they can get away with," reveals Rockett in the video. It's also been revealed that scammers have reached out to his family members, closest friends and business associates with their cons.

Within the clip, the couple detail some of the many red flags that have happened with scammers reaching out to fans with requests using Rockett's name as bait. TC reveals, "They have been going down and contacting privately everybody that leaves comments on Rikki's posts, that's on Facebook, that's on Instagram, that's on YouTube and what they are doing is they have a fake profile to make it look like they are Rikki's personal manager. They pretend to work at either Capitol, Universal or some official sounding type of company."

Within this video, TC details one particular scam and how they were able to work to catch the person. As noted in the description on their new video, "100% throw and go video because it just needed to get out right now! Yeah, a scammer. This nasty little scammer will take $200k from you and not even bat an eyelash if you let ‘em! Let’s take ‘em down!!!"

And in recent months, Rikki and his wife have used their social media to alert fans to some of the ongoing scams (as seen below).

The couple share within the clip that anything coming from Rockett will come from his official social media accounts, and they make note of who their management is as well as a common scam finds people reaching out on behalf of Rockett's management. Watch the video below for a full explanation.

Rikki Rockett + Wife Catch a Poison Scammer

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