Judas Priest singer Rob Halford, the "Metal God" himself, posted a vintage clip to social media on Wednesday (July 13) of him "doing the dishes" as he sings a Priest song.

Now we know we're not the only ones who listen to the legendary British metal band while we clean up the dinnerware from the evening's meal.

In the video, Halford holds a microphone that sounds like it's running to a PA system offscreen as he sings Priest's "Beyond the Realms of Death" over its backing tracks.

While Halford didn't cite a source for the clip — the rocker only said it shows him "doing the dishes" in the appended message — the same video was uploaded to YouTube in 2015 under the title "Rob Halford Making Tea." It is undoubtedly from that era or earlier, as Halford's goatee is still a dark brown in the video, not the distinguished gray it is today.

"Beyond the Realms of Death" is a power ballad from Judas Priest's 1978 album, Stained Class. It's been considered a Priest classic for Halford's strong vocal performance on the recording. Not to mention the equally impressive instrumentals from his bandmates.

In other news about the singer, a new Halford Funko Pop! figure is on the way. The vocalist recently explained how his signature motorcycle became a part of Priest's stage show. And you don't have to twist his arm for him to praise fellow rockers Ghost.

In Judas Priest news, former Priest guitarist K.K. Downing will join his ex-bandmates when the act accepts the Award for Musical Excellence at the 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony this November.

Rob Halford Sings Judas Priest While "Doing the Dishes"

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