After he got tired of being one of life's losers, in the gutter, addicted to whatever his preferred vice was, Robert Downey Jr was reborn sober in the fires of a dying phoenix. After a crazy fast rise and fall from fame in the 80's, he worked his way in any part he could until he was cast out of left field into an Ironman franchise back in 2008. The movie is still one of Marvel's top-three flicks, and RDJ seems to have chilled into a somewhat normal human being.

In the 80's, everything was over the top. Fast fancy cars, sprawling neon pastel mansions, and a heavy cocaine dependency. It was a decade defined by excess.

Skip back to the present, and RDJ seems to have centered back into a normal existence, even though his current fame is well beyond his previous pre-junky fame. Learning his life-lessons well, he's stayed sober and managed to responsibly spend his ridiculous amount of Marvel money.

Normally, you'd assume a super-rich celeb would be in some 15,000 square foot tacky behemoth of a home, but this dude has kept it simple... and his decor is just as kooky as he is. Literally stuff of a lot of his own design sprinkled through a somewhat modest home.

Sure, it's in the Hampton's and probably cost a few million... But what hundred-millionaire these days lives in something they could write a personal check for?

Don't get me wrong, he's got a home in Malibu too... but instead of some monsterous mansion overlooking the neighbors, it's also a moderately small home with an ocean view. I figured someone of his earning-caliber would be neck deep in a fifty-million-dollar mortgage with safari pottery looming in every nook and cranny. Guess not. RDJ seems just as cool as the Stark he played on the big screen.


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