King Crimson founder Robert Fripp and his singer-actress wife, Toyah Willcox, got a little wet and wild on Sunday (May 16) with a video cover of Steppenwolf's '60s countercultural rock hit "Born to Be Wild."

Shared as part of the pair's Toyah and Robert's Sunday Lunch series that currently jumpstarts each week, the latest cover song from the couple and their masked accompanist, Sidney Jake, continues a recurring theme. That is, each video seems to underscore the physicality of Willcox, the singer-actress who performs under the mononym Toyah, in a variety of revealing ways. For the "Born to Be Wild" vid, that means a rendition that finds an exercise bike-pedaling Toyah in a shirt that gets progressively wetter while pasties cover her nipples.

Well, really, her whole body gets wet. Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"The Kitchen trio are back and so is the exercise bike — AND a surprise at the end!!" the performers say in the video's description. The mysterious Jake performs "Born to Be Wild" while wearing a Lamb of God T-shirt, perhaps a nod to the Lamb of God tee Fripp donned in last week's "Firestarter" cover — the one that saw Toyah wearing body paint beneath a sheer top.

At this point, Toyah and Robert's Sunday Lunch songs have covered multiple corners of rock's rich milieu. The project first caught many listeners' attention when the musical husband and wife went viral with their take on Metallica's classic "Enter Sandman" earlier this year.

Since they started the series, the team have also covered and "Satisfaction" (The Rolling Stones), "Barracuda" (Heart) and "Silver Machine" (Hawkwind). They've further tackled "Everlong" (Foo Fighters), "Breaking the Law" (Judas Priest) and many more rock (and a few non-rock) songs.

And what better way to start one's week than with a single-contestant wet T-shirt contest in the kitchen?

Toyah + Robert Fripp, "Born to Be Wild" (Steppenwolf Cover) - May 16, 2021

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