It takes all kinds! And rock and metal festivals attract all kinds; that's what we found last weekend at the Rock on the Range festival.

Loudwire's own Josh Bernstein ventured out into the crowd to chat with some of the fans as part of the Loudwire and LiveXLive livestream of Rock on the Range, and while you might expect your fair share of black-clad patrons, one of the first fans that caught his eye was one who decided to come dressed as a Power Ranger.

Yes, there are fans who go the extra mile to add some theatrics to the day. In the above video, produced by LiveXLive, you'll see your fair share of face painters and dudes wearing scary masks, but don't always judge a book by its cover, as Josh found out when he spoke with a killer clown who actually was involved in some charitable efforts surrounding the event. And there's also a quick visit to the wine area where some fans were on hand to test out some of Maynard James Keenan's Caduceus wines.

Some of the fun of a festival like Rock on the Range is the people watching, and you get a fair share of some of the fandom going on at the event in the video above.

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