Even if you’re not a huge fan of Star Wars movies, with all the trailer announcements we’ve seen in the last few days, odds are good you might still find something to enjoy during Rogue One. A few days ago, we shared a fun little rumor that the first teaser for Spider-Man: Homecoming would be appearing before the highly anticipated Star Wars standalone film when it hits theaters this December. Not to be outdone, Michael Bay took to social media to share that his first teaser for Transformers: The Last Knight would also be included with the film.

This news comes directly from the Transformers Facebook page, which posted a video of Bay standing in an IMAX theater  —  a little not-so-subliminal advertising there, I think  —  and speaking directly to the people at home who have been leaving him comments. Normally this is where I would insert my typical pithy comment about the crazy marketing cycle that sees us hyping the release of a trailer as much as the film itself, but since I’m writing about it, I guess it worked.

While I could take or leave the Transformers franchise as a whole, I’ll admit I’m a little curious about The Last Knight, mainly because this one seems to be so gosh-darn weird. Scandals surrounding Winston Churchill’s family home? Bizarre tie-ins to Arthurian legends and the Knights of the Round Table? At the end of the day, it might be business as usual for a bunch of giant robots punching each other in the face, but Bay at least has piqued my curiosity. I guess I’ll stick around and see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Transformers: The Last Knight will bring back regulars Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, John Turturro, and Josh Duhamel, as well as franchise newcomers Anthony Hopkins and Laura Haddock. The movie will hit theaters on June 23, 2017.

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