If you look around some of the Lawton pages on Facebook, you've surely come across comments that Walmart, specifically the Sheridan Road Walmart is closing for a month to restock and sanitize the store.

That's false.

100% fake news. 100% confirmed through Walmart Corporate, no Walmart in our region is closing for any extended amount of time.

Yes, it's true that Walmart is now closing to restock what they can and sanitize stores nationwide, but they're doing all of that each night during their temporary new hours.

Odds are, this rumor was floated on Facebook as an innocent little comment by some stuck-at-home bored Karen looking for a little social interaction.

Walmart is not closing for a month. As an essential business to any community they're in, they will remain open to the public during their new temporary hours. Senior even get a little extra time early in the morning, while the store is still freshly sanitized, to protect them and allow them first pickings since they typically will buy only what they need.

Stop spreading rumors. Loose lips means people have to use old socks in the bathroom.


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