2020 will begin with a very significant moment for Satyricon bassist Anders Odden, who revealed in a new social media post that he's been diagnosed with colon cancer and will undergo surgery on Jan. 6.

The bassist reveals in a new posting that he had planned to keep his condition under wraps until after he had the surgery, but a recent video clip he received from Motorhead's Mikkey Dee and fellow metaller Hank Von Hell raising money for cancer research changed his mind.

According to the bassist, he was diagnosed on Oct. 3 and has been undergoing chemotherapy ever since to shrink the tumor so that he can have the surgery. "The doctors have told me that everything will go as planned and that I will get rid of this cancer," says the bassist. "It's a tough journey, but I am ready." See his full message, along with Mikkey Dee and Hank Von Hell's video below.

In addition to Satyricon, Odden also is the co-founder and guitarist for Cadaver. Both bands have some time before they return to the stage, with each expected to play shows in late spring.

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