Say Anything are ramping up for their latest release: their eighth studio album, Oliver Appropriate, is now on track for a Jan. 25 street date via Dine Alone Records and the artwork and track listing for the set has now been revealed.

Say Anything leader Max Bemis views the new disc as a proper sequel to one of the group's most successful offerings, ... Is a Real Boy. “This record is the story of what would happen to the ‘Real Boy’ many people thought I was,” Bemis says. “His band did well but then fell off hard. He’d be my age, of course, but he’d still be living in Brooklyn, struggling with financial woes, single and strung out.”

While the album details are just being revealed, two new songs have preceded the announcement. You can listen to "Daze" and "Pink Snot" in the audio players provided at the bottom of this post.

In addition to ...Is a Real Boy, Bemis reportedly took inspiration from Museum Mouth's album, Alex I Am Nothing, an album that delves into themes of unrequited love and the heartbreak experienced at a young age.

The frontman has also openly discussed his battles with substance abuse, PTSD and anxiety attacks, while also balancing writing a comic book and dealing with the birth of his son. "[I] dove headfirst back into life and found it warm and waiting for me to wake up again and confront all of my demons,” says the vocalist.

“My prediction is that I’m going to live a happy life until my universal, all-loving, all-inclusive spirit chooses to take me home,” he says. “Say Anything will probably make music again, and I’m not claiming this is our actual last record, but it may be. Who knows. That’s up to me and my family.”

As stated, the Oliver Appropriate album is due Jan. 25 via Dine Alone Records. Pre-orders are available here. Check out the artwork and track listing below.

Say Anything, Oliver Appropriate Artwork + Track Listing

Dine Alone Records
Dine Alone Records

The Band Fuel
Pink Snot
Ew Jersey
When I’m Acid
Captive Audience
Your Father
Send You Off
It’s A Process
The Hardest

Say Anything, "Daze"

Say Anything, "Pink Snot"

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