Well it's officially the end of an era for Eisenhower Middle School here in Lawton. The Vikings have a new home and the old school is being torn down. Over the next several weeks construction crews will be doing demolition and hauling off all the debris. The school was officially closed awhile back and the new location right next door on Gore Blvd. has been the new Eisenhower Middle School and home of the Vikings starting with the 2020-2021 school year. So after it's knocked down, then what?

It'll be sad to see it gone and strange to drive down Gore Blvd. and not see it there after all these years. After all the demolition is finished they'll be using the land to create more parking for the new Eisenhower Middle School along with athletic fields. The new school is amazing and I'm sure both students and parents are thrilled. It's a beautiful school and they got it done really fast, or at least it felt that way.

Eisenhower Middle School Sign Lawton

I didn't attend school at Eisenhower Middle school, but I have several friends who did. I'm sure they're a little nostalgic about the old building and all the memories it held. But starting this year there's a whole new crop of students that will call the new school home of the Vikings and will start building memories for themselves.

Now that the new Eisenhower Middle School is completed they'll begin work on outside improvements and hope to have all the new parking and athletic fields done by early next year, maybe by January 2021. Can't wait to see it once it's all done and ready. So farewell to the old Eisenhower Middle School you'll be missed,  but never forgotten.

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