'Scarface' is being remade yet again. The film, which began life on the screen in 1932 as a classic gangster story was remade by Brian De Palma in the 1983 film starring Al Pacino as a Cuban refugee who goes from street dealer to drug kingpin. Universal, which already has a script for the contemporary remake, has found a director: Pablo Larrain, a Chilean director, most recently known for his critically acclaimed 2012 film, 'No.'

The Wrap reports that Larrain is in talks to direct the new 'Scarface,' which has a screenplay from Paul Attanasio, a two-time Oscar nominee and writer of 'Donnie Brasco.' The modern update of the story will move the action to Los Angeles and change Tony from a Cuban refugee to a Mexican immigrant, tracing his rise in the criminal underworld. Also changing? The character's last name.

In the 1932 version, Tony's last name was Camonte, and when he was portrayed by Pacino in 1983, his last name was Montana. This time around, in keeping with his new heritage and a new film, the character will be given a new surname.

Filmmakers are looking for a lead actor who is bilingual, and the names floating around have included Michael Pena, Oscar Isaac and Edgar Ramirez. Although, as the trade reports, the production is open to casting a virtual unknown in what could be a star-making role.

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