Your holiday plans may be changing soon.

According to research, December 11 is the day you're most likely to get dumped.

The conclusion comes after looking at statuses regarding breakups on Facebook. And if it's on Facebook, it must be real, right? Fake news isn't a thing on the social network. No, not at all.

Why is December 11 the most popular day to part ways with that no-longer-special someone? No one can say for sure, but you can't help but think it's got something to do with the fact that Christmas is a fortnight away. Kicking someone to the curb is a good way to get out of buying a Christmas present, so if you're cheap this may be the reason. You also no longer have to worry about being tied down to just one person come New Year's, although, on the flip side, you may not have someone to kiss come midnight.

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