It appears the Seattle Seahawks might be on the market, setting up now for a sale in 2025. Will they follow the Thunder to Oklahoma City?

It's a fair question and a definite possibility. OKC has been buzzing with NFL talk for a decade now.

If you don't know the quick backstory, here it is.

The last time the Seattle Supersonics NBA team was sold, it was purchased by Oklahoma investors and brought to OKC to become the Thunder in 2008. Sonics fans are still pretty sore about it.

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Wait til they see what could be coming down the pipe for their NFL team...

How the story starts...

While the Supersonics may have been at an ultimate low point when they sold to OKC, the Seahawks have had a decade of reasonable success... but that's not good enough for the higher echelon of the organization. Primarily, the ownership. Even though Coach Pete Carroll has taken the Seahawks to two Super Bowl's, winning one (2913) and infamously blowing the other (2014)...  

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...the Seahawks have seen success in their rebuilding years, including a few playoff wins, but no titles or big game trips in the last decade. Ownership recently announced that Coach Pete Carroll was out, and he didn't mince words in his reaction.

Pete Carrol on Seattle Seahawks ownership:

That’s where maybe we don’t see eye to eye on, because I see it one way and I think I’ve got a way to fix it and I’m not going to kind of halfway fix it… I’ve got real precise and specific thoughts, and they may not see it that way, they may not agree with it, they may not see that that’s the right answer or that’s not the answer that makes them feel good… The difficult part is…it’s really hard because they’re not football people. They’re not coaches, and so to get to the real details of it is really difficult for other people.

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Fans reactions.

The fans seem to be siding with Pete on this, agreeing he got a raw deal and the ownership is making a bad judgment call on this... which is weird since Seahawks fans almost unanimously gasped and moaned when he was named head coach back in 2010.

What initially started as fans calling for the current owner to sell the team (Dallas Cowboy fan's signature move), the situation has escalated in the last two weeks to "Seattle may lose the Seahawks in 2025."

Ownership reaction.

Longtime owner Paul Allen passed away in 2018, but the team stayed in the family. The Seahawks are now owned and managed in that capacity by the Paul G. Allen Trust and his sister Jody now sits at the head of the table.

Over the last five years, fan's sentiments have gone from empathy for Jody to utter distrust. They want her out, but as a businesswoman first, there's more at risk than just the figurehead peeking out the owner's box in Seattle in the coming years.


Contract obligations.

Between the OKC Thunder relocation and the saga that was the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas, you know teams can't just up and leave at the drop of a hat. There are contracts between teams and cities that ensure rash decisions can't be made... but the Seahawks are in the last year of their contract with the City of Seattle.

Fans knee-jerk reactions to staffing changes might come back to bite them in the butt. They want a change of ownership for their billion-dollar team? The current ownership made it clear they wouldn't turn down an offer, but they also won't consider one until they're able to keep 100% of the money in 2025.

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Where will the Seahawks most likely end up?

Well, with the talk of bringing an NFL team to OKC has been around for a very long time, the league made it clear they're interested in the idea too in 2021.

Seeking a way to have more games since that equals more money, an expansion announcement was made and a lofty goal of possibilities was laid out.

OKC is the second American city (fifth overall) in line for an NFL team.

While that doesn't mean the Seahawks are coming to the Sooner State with certainty, OKC's path to professional sports started in Seattle... why not strike gold where the paydirt was good?

Now the question is, what do we call an OKC NFL team?

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