So the Oklahoma Aquarium up in Jenks (basically Tulsa) is hosting a drawing for one lucky person to hop into a shark tank and have the time of their life... but there's a catch. While the OK Aquarium is super impressive, they're not offering the chance to swim with the sharks most aquariums have... ei - sand tigers and ragged tooth sharks that are pretty docile to begin with... they are offering you a chance to swim with the most dangerous sharks in the world, bull sharks.

If you had the chance to watch Shark Week back before it became scripted drama, when it was all about science and information, you should know a thing or two about bull sharks. They're equal opportunity offenders. They live in salt water and fresh water. They've been recorded as far up the Mississippi River as St. Louis, they're rumored to be responsible for the third most shark attacks recorded worldwide, and they happen to be the species the true story that Jaws was based on. Bull sharks are no joke, and they want you to hop in the tank with ten of them.

Fun Fact: Even though I haven't had a dive in almost a decade, I am still the current sitting president of the Oklahoma Shark Club. We are few, but we are awesome, and I'm pretty sure I would have to take a pass on this opportunity. As exhilarating as it would be to know death and dismemberment was only inches away, the adrenaline rush, the nerves, and the celebration after it's over might not be worth the risk. After all, if you watched the video above, bull sharks are completely unpredictable.

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