Still have pinned up aggression against the ex? Here's a list of stuff, from mild to wild, that you can send them this Valentine's Day.


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    Send Your Lost Love A Brick

    Easily the mildest thing you could do to someone you find less-than-savory, a brick is heavy, easy to open, and it doesn't leave a mess to clean up. You might think of it as the kind way to send a little hate. makes this service simple for anyone, who is guaranteed to remain anonymous, to literally give the gift of fired clay.

    While you might be saying "That's the dumbest thing I've heard of." it's not entirely dumb. Let's just say you have enough disdain for a person to send them something bad, but not enough hate to send something horrible. It seems like a good 'middle of the road' parcel.

    Prices start at $10.
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    Ship Out A Glitter Bomb

    In what could be the most infuriating thing on this list, the good old glitter bomb.

    Basically, when a person opens this envelope, millions of glittery dots fly out. It's truly evil when you think about it. With normal cleaning, this would take weeks to clean up. Your hated soul would torture themselves, thinking they saw some they missed, but never able to find it.

    Add in that it's hilarious and totally legal, it's a winner.

    This epic mail-some-hate company prices basic pranks from $10. Visit
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    Of Course We're Sending A Little Poo...

    What would any decent passive aggressive/revenge list of stuff you can ship be without a little fecal matter?

    The #1 thing to send on this list comes from

    Starting around $16, you can send a quart of freshly collected animal stool and have it anonymously sent out to whoever you wish that experience on.

    Is it disgusting? Yes

    Is it cruel? Absolutely

    Is it hilarious? You betcha... but it's not without risk. It's not exactly illegal to mail some poo to someone, but it is illegal to harass someone.

    As with all of the items on this list, if the intent is malicious, there could be repercussions later down the road... It may say "anonymous" on the website, but there's a record kept of exactly 'who' sent 'what' to 'whom'... If things are truly bad between you and your ex lover, you might be better off just outliving them the old fashioned way.

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