Severe storms are definitely showing off this spring in Oklahoma! Last weekend, Southwest Oklahoma saw some vibrant colors and crazy lighting storms during a bout of severe storms Saturday (May 6) evening.

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One thing that's true for about every Oklahoman is that when there's a big storm coming, we all go outside and look up at the sky. We all love a chance to see those beautiful spring storms while quietly praying that they don't cause a lot of damage.


Now thanks to social media, you can see what a storm looked like from all over Oklahoma! We rounded up some photos and video Oklahomans got during last weekend's storm.

Scroll down to see some amazing photos and video from a recent severe storm in Lawton, Oklahoma!

On Saturday, May 6, several storms popped up across Oklahoma. Lawton was in a severe storm warning that evening with a big storm that came up over the Red River. Of course there were a lot of storm spotters chasing it as it was the perfect weather for tornadoes.

News9 out of Oklahoma City even had some of their storm chasers tracking the storm near Lawton.

The storm started approaching Lawton around 7:30 p.m. Saturday, May 6 and began to move through the area as the sun was setting. An Oklahoma sunset coupled with an Oklahoma spring severe storm made for a beautiful electric sky!

Most people stood out on their front porch and got a full view of the storm moving through.

As the sun got closer to setting, the sky started to glow orange and red!

Some reflections from the clouds did made it look like funnels were beginning to form, but luckily it was just shadows. Still cool though!

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