As the life of a new album looms for Shaman's Harvest, the first new music from their next release is shadowed with hovering spirit of death. "Bird Dog" is an ominously dark track with a stomp-clap beat that you can take in with the player below.

It's a gritty new song with the tone set by singer Nathan "Drake" Hunt's lower register vocal, the droning guitar sounds of guitarist Josh Hamler and a standout mouth harp addition. The song paints a vision of a dangerous landscape where a black dog and a black bird are plotting your demise. The track is accentuated by a lyric video showcasing some of the midwestern heartland landscape home to the band's own Missouri environs.

Serving up deathly and post-apocalyptic visions with the lyrical content, Hunt offers, “It's definitely a cinematic thing — if nothing else, it's a color or just one little scene in my head. In my mind, I was envisioning a lot of these small towns—like a railroad town or a farm town where people don't want to farm anymore. And it just goes to shit, and then you have the opioids come in and everyone becomes a zombie."

The track is currently available here, while news on the forthcoming seventh studio album should be expected soon. The lyrics for the song can be found in the lyric video below.

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Shaman's Harvest, "Bird Dog"

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