Shark? is a really rad surfy rock band with a great attitude. These guys hate shallow chicks and love rocking out. They really have things down. To wit, check out the awesome explanation they give for their sound: "Shark? is a social utility that connects beer to your face and if you're lucky maybe even a girl, but most likely a PA to your foot and fuzzy memories of midnight tacos."

And look at that, they're responsible, too. Tacos by midnight, bed before 1AM.

And since they're so good with explanations, asked guitarist and singer Kevin Diamond to break down 'California Grrls,' today's free MP3.

"This song is a wake up call to a nation," Diamond says. "I hope it shines a light on the fact that a certain kind of girl from a certain area in the U.S. are worse than other groups of girls in other areas of the country, contrary to what Brian Wilson may lead you to believe. I look forward to writing my rebuttals to Cheap Tricks' 'Southern Girls' and Big Star's 'September Girls' in the coming years."

Those are some lofty goals this guy has. We're tempted to start calling him David, what with all of these Goliaths he's got in his sights. Reversing the attitudes cultivated by 30 or so years of rock 'n' roll preaching conducted by icons like Cheap Trick and the Beach Boys is gonna be a chore. Good luck, dude.

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