Lately, it's been really interesting to hear musicians from older generations speak about which new bands they've been paying attention to. Shinedown's Brent Smith is the most recent rocker we've heard from, as he named the two rising bands he thinks people need to know.

Disturbed's David Draiman, Slash, and Korn's Brian "Head" Welch have all spoken out lately about which up-and-coming artists they're the most excited about. During a special chat with host Toni Gonzalez of Loudwire Nights, which features Smith as the Guest DJ, the singer chimed in with his own selections.

"I will go on record and tell you that within the next five years — definitely in the next 10 years — there is a band out of Baltimore called Turnstile, and they have a massive buzz right now, but they've been at it for a while, [they're a] punk rock band. They have a record called Glow On... The first single that they put out is a song called 'Mystery,'" the frontman declared.

"I would highly [suggest people] check them out because they've already had to start changing the rooms that they're in for their tour that's getting ready to start, it think in like another two weeks or three weeks," he continued. "They started the venues at like 1,500-2000 [capacity], they're already moving them up to like 4,500-5000 capacity rooms. So they're actually changing because they're just selling out like everywhere. Really, really important band."

What Smith thinks makes Turnstile unique is that they're rooted in "real, traditional punk rock," but that they've added their own modern twist in their songs. And there's one more band that Smith is rooting for, whose debut record Eternal Blue we actually named our 2021 Album of the Year.

"If I had to throw one more in there — 100 percent, everybody needs to make sure that they're keeping an eye on Spiritbox because they're a rocket ship."

The Shinedown singer is actually so supportive of Spiritbox that he gifted $10,000 to them last summer after their tour with Limp Bizkit got canceled.

"I just know what it's like to be in a band when you're hustling, and money can be tight in the beginning. I'm a huge fan of that band, going back even a few years as they've been getting everything going. And when I saw what happened, it's just one of those things — you just pay it forward," Smith told Loudwire Nights in a different interview back in January.

"I could tell that they were devastated that they had all those dates set up, and I'm sure that they went through a lot to be able to get the budget where it needed to be in order to go out and do that tour with the headliner. I just saw that that all kind of went away very, very quickly for them, and I couldn't imagine — well, actually I can imagine — when you don't have a tour all of a sudden and it's canceled, you still got bills you have to pay."

Smith's Guest DJ special will air tomorrow night (March 10) on Loudwire Nights starting at 7PM ET. These specials offer a unique perspective from the artist where they answer general questions, and the songs played throughout the show are based on their responses, so be sure to tune in.

Loudwire Nights with Toni Gonzalez airs nightly starting at 7PM ET. You can tune in anytime, from anywhere right here or by downloading the Loudwire app.

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