The ShipRocked boat stopped rocking on Day 3 of the cruise, but that certainly didn't mean the party stopped. ShipRockers woke up to bright, sunny Grand Turk Island in Turks and Caicos and headed to the island for some fun in the sun, island drinks and of course ... Pool Wars.

Some friendly competition took place at the Margaritaville Pool on the island. Hilariously vulgar named teams were led by members of Crobot and Letters From the Fire. Events included putting on a frozen t-shirt, racing back and forth in a duck mask and flippers and the finale ended with an epic tug of war challenge in the pool. Outside of the Margaritaville pool, some ShipRockers went on boat tours, rented ATVs to explore the island, while other soaked in the sun and enjoyed clear water with a coconut in one hand and a frozen Pina Colada in the other.

Boozing continued onboard as the sail away show was kicked off with Pop Evil who provided a vigorous set in the sunshine on the Deck Stage. Each member of the band has their own cool energy that they bring to their show and frontman Leigh Kakaty has total command of the stage. The crowd clapped and danced to infectious up-tempo anthems like “Trenches,” “Last Man Standing,” “Footsteps” and “Take It All.”

Vocalist Lacey Sturm performed on the Deck Stage later in the evening. Sturm shared personal stories with fans onstage and throughout the cruise she connected with ShipRockers as one of the most approachable musicians on the boat. She kicked off her set with “Impossible” and “The Soldier.” Flyleaf fans got a treat as she belted out a favorite tune “All Around Me”.

The Deck Stage heated up even more with a special performance by the supergroup onboard called The Stowaways with a special tribute show to influential musicians who have passed away. The set got hips moving as it began with George Michael’s “Faith” and amped up with Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy.” Metallica’s “Creeping Death” was unleashed by the group in celebration of the late Cliff Burton.

Buckcherry’s Josh Todd, P.O.D.’s Sonny Sandoval and Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach joined forced for a little “Sabotage” to commemorate Adam 'MCA' Yauch of The Beastie Boys. Scott Weiland was also remembered as the night sky filled with the dreamy sounds of Stone Temple Pilot’s “Wicked Garden.” Despite a little rain in the midst of the set, The Stowaways powered through.

One of the more special moments of the entire cruise was when Type O Negative members guitarist Kenny Hickey and drummer Johnny Kelly graced the stage to play “Black No. 1” for the first time in a long time to honor their friend and late bandmate Peter Steele Avatar’s Johannes Eckerstrom, who delivered a full set to end the night on the deck, also provided vocals for the Type O Negative tribute. The Stowaways ended with an All Star Jam crushing Pantera’s “Walk”.

Over in the main theater Sevendust had their second set of the cruise and played to a packed house. Frontman Lajon Witherspoon got up close and personal with fans and even let a few ShipRockers with vocal chops sing into the mic. From new tunes like “Thank You” or “Decay” to older tracks like “Praise” and “Denial” fans absorbed in the combination of their heavy tunes and soulful melodies. The camaraderie between the members enhanced their live show and the band as a whole are a lot of fun onstage. Sevendust and ShipRocked just go together and they remain a fan favorite on this cruise.

Another fan favorite who packed the theater was Papa Roach. Jacoby Shaddix is another frontman who can work the crowd and makes it a priority to engage with the fans during a performance. With already hoarse voices the crowd sang their hearts out and headbanged throughout the night. While their eardrums may never forgive them, ShipRockers certainly rocked the theater when P-Roach was in the house.

The cruise may have left Grand Turk Island by the end of the day, but with all of the performances on the ship, paradise could also be found onboard the Carnival Victory for ShipRockers. See our photo gallery from Day 3 of ShipRocked 2017 posted above.

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