It's almost time for football season in Oklahoma! I am, of course, a Boomer Sooner fan. So when I saw these sisters surprise their dad with the Pride of Oklahoma band at a family wedding, I just knew I had to share it!

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When you're planning a wedding, you usually look for a band who can play a lot of covers of hit songs or you're looking for a DJ with a big set up and lots of lights. But these two sisters were looking for a marching band, specifically the Pride of Oklahoma. You'd think the band was for the bride and groom, like they both went to the University of Oklahoma and they met in the band, etc. But no. The Pride of Oklahoma was a surprise for the father of the bride.


An Oklahoma TikToker posted the video below of the Pride of Oklahoma performing at her sister's wedding. Apparently, their dad used to play tuba for the Pride of Oklahoma when he attended the University of Oklahoma. So the sisters decided to surprise their dad with the Pride of Oklahoma at the wedding AND his tuba. When you watch the video, you can tell the dad was definitely surprised and more than happily joined in on "Boomer Sooner."

@k8_ok Boomer! #SEC #boomersooner #oklahoma ♬ Boomer Sooner (with Go-Go) - The University of Oklahoma Marching Band

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