If you want to see what's being billed as "the longest performance in the history of death metal," you'll have to catch Six Feet Under in Russia's capital city of Moscow on October 27.

Chris Barnes, frontman for the long-running death metal horde Six Feet Under and former Cannibal Corpse singer, announced the news on Twitter (see below). He promised the set will deliver 25 songs and span over one hour and 30 minutes in length, but did not confirm just how long this record-breaking show will be.

The poster for the gig (seen below), featuring opener Mass Madness, advertises Six Feet Under's set as "Killer Hits + Graveyard Classics" and it is likely the band will draw from a deep well of covers included on their series of Graveyard Classics covers albums. This means the world's longest death metal performance could potentially include songs from AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Scorpions and other legendary artists.

We're not sure what the longest death metal performance ever is, but Nile's 2013 20th anniversary "evening with" tour sticks out as the potential set to beat. It found the Egyptian-themed outfit performing two sets nightly which totaled more than 20 songs, many of them pushing the eight-minute mark or more. The concert's running time was far beyond the 90-minute mark Six Feet Under are attempting to surpass, but they played two separate sets; Six Feet Under are attempting to perform one full set lasting more than ninety minutes.

Six Feet Under
Six Feet Under

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