For whatever reason, Reddit users who are subscribed to the Slipknot Reddit page have been banned from posting on Reddit's Metal Memes page.

We're not exactly sure what's going on over there, but there's quite a bit of drama happening, as per some of the posts in both the Slipknot and the Metal Memes subreddits. The initial comment was made on the latter page, and apparently referred to Slipknot fans as "posers."

"We've had no blacklist for a long time and this subreddit has been pretty close to complete anarchy. This allowed the posers to thrive and think they're safe here. But this will change today as from now on the rivers of r/metalmemes will flow with poser tears again. The blacklist will be enforced again and no poser will be safe," a user wrote. "To start our new Poser Purge we have decided to ban all active users of r/Slipknot. This will mean the banning of 2,670 posers. These posers have been infecting our subreddit for way too long, a purge was inevitable."

According to this individual, the thread became oversaturated with "low-effort memes" over the last few weeks, mainly pertaining to Slipknot. As a result, those who are active on the Slipknot subreddit have been banned from posting there so that they can "achieve more high quality memes."

"But as a King, I will of course need servants to help oppress the poser maggots, so mod applications are open," they continued.

Moderators, or "mods" for short, are users on Reddit who volunteer to help oversee certain communities on the website to make sure that participants are adhering to the rules that particular subreddits have in place. They're able to remove posts and users who break the rules.

As a result of this maggot ban, a bunch of posts have appeared on the Metal Memes page related to Slipknot with the flair "Rise of the maggots," so it seems the mods over there are having a bit of a hard time regulating the "purge." Additionally, users are now accusing the mods of gatekeeping.

"The real posers here are you. Yes, all of you. Especially the mods. Real metal listeners don't gatekeep, and encourage everyone to listen to the metal that they like. All metal is real metal, and you p--sies can't tell people otherwise. Real metal enthusiasts welcome everyone into the community. They don't push out the people who want to join the medium and share their passion with others. You guys do the exact opposite. You attack those who do listen to what you don't like. You push out those who want to come into the metal family and learn about the music. You gatekeep. You are elitists, the worst type of fandom."

A couple of Slipknot fans went and shared the news of the ban over in the Slipknot subreddit, and it doesn't seem to have gotten under their skin much.

"Congratulations r/Slipknot! You all have now officially been banned from r/metalmemes for liking Slipknot and dare to call them metal. Wear it with pride and don't take it too seriously. R/MetalMemes is a caricature of elitist metal fans and whether this is actually a serious ban or not, it is unbelievably hilarious," someone posted.

"Wow, that really made all the difference in my life," a fellow maggot responded. "Thanks, MetalMemes, your pixel community is so much better now. Wait until you find out about going outside and touching some grass. Only thing better than being a mod on a music meme subreddit."

See some of the posts below, and if you have any idea what the f--k is going on and can further educate us, please do.

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