SNL won’t return for Season 41 until at least September, but considering their comparatively light workloads, Weekend Update hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che are ending their summer breaks early to take on the political conventions. Ahead of a more classic Weekend Update, however, watch as Jost and Che take to the streets of Cleveland for some fun at the RNC’s expense.

While Jost and Che will stage a more traditional Weekend Update tonight at midnight on MSNBC, to look back on the first days of the 2016 Republican National Convention, the duo first dropped by Today to preview some on-the-ground interviews with convention attendees. Of course, there’s the requisite Donald Trump impressions, but best of all are the efforts to find a single convention-goer who can pick Trump running-mate Mike Pence out of a lineup of white men.

In addition to the full Weekend Update airing late Wednesday, the following week will also see the SNL favorites taking their act to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, presumably taking on a similar format of on-the-ground interviews for Today, and a more formal segment later.

You can watch the initial appearance above, including interviews with Jost and Che, and stay tune for more SNL at RNC.

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