If you've spent any time at all of TikTok, it's probably been pretty hard to escape the "Jiggle Jiggle" song. It seems to have exponentially grown in popularity and thanks to one TikToker, it's seeped its way into the hard rock vernacular as well.

John Sevilla has taken the song to the next level, taking the rap flow and translating it to the style of some of his favorite rock bands. One of the most popular features Sevilla rapping the lyrics utilizing Linkin Park's "In The End" as his backdrop. It's amazing how well the songs work together, and it helps that Sevilla's flow is top notch.

At press time, the song had already surpassed 332,000 "loves" on TikTok, and even spawned a few knockoffs. First watch Sevilla's performance, then check out his take being used as the backdrop for TikToker kaijunoink's dance video to go along with the track. That clip has passed 208,000 "loves" at press time as well.

@john_sevilla1 Reply to @motorheadlemmylover Bro had to sing and rap…😅 #linkinpark #fypシ #mymoneydontjiggle #numetal #rock #alternative #rap #vocals #foryoupage ♬ original sound - John

@kaijunnnnnnnn jiggle jiggle ♬ original sound - John

It should be noted that Sevilla didn't just stop with making a Linkin Park version of the "My Money Don't Jiggle Jiggle" song. He also crushes a Limp Bizkit version (seen below), as well as Twenty One Pilots and Weezer versions that can also be seen via his TikTok account.

@john_sevilla1 Reply to @analvomitofrottingcows I don’t even listen to Blink.😅 #foryoupage #fyp #limpbizkit #vocals #mymoneydontjiggle ♬ original sound - John

So what brought the song back to popularity? It actually has a long history that includes BAFTA-winning filmmaker Louis Theroux. He originally included the rap in his Louis Theroux's Weird Weekend docuseries back in 2000, According to the Los Angeles Times, in it Theroux traveled to New Orleans to interview Southern MCs like Mello T, Master P and Q-T-Pie — then competed in a live rap battle on the city’s storied hip-hop radio station, Q93 FM, refereed by local DJ Wild Wayne as he rapped while reading from a crumpled piece of paper.

The clip of sound used in the current song however was from his appearance in 2022 on Chicken Shop Date with Amelia Dimoldenberg when he was asked to reprise his rap a capella.

From there, music producers Duke & Jones added autotune to it and shared the track earlier this year, which then caught fire. The producers later got Theroux to actually record the song and the results can be heard here.

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