You know, it takes a special kind of stupid to mistake a national wildlife refuge as your own personal canvas to declare your puppy-love, but here we are in the year 2020 and it has happened in our own backyard. On the rocks lining the Jed Johnson Tower Trail, someone left a personal message for Vivi in what we're calling a-hole blue.

I'm still young enough to remember way back when, all the "cool" kids thought destruction of property was awesome. In my hometown, the city kind of ran with the idea and designated an area where all youths could express their artistic selves without recourse. It was our local lake spillway. It stays dry most of the year, so there's no real risk of walking out there to lay down some paint, and it's massive. Sixty feet wide, some gour-hundred feet long... Coincidentally, thanks to this nearly thirty years tradition, there's not a single blank space on that enormous slab of concrete.

Honestly, the paint on these rocks in the refuge will clean up relatively easily. A little soap and a power washer will make quick work of it, but the point is it shouldn't have happened. Given that most of our youth has somehow experienced a new level of boredom in the age of ultimate technology, it's no shocker this has happened. I'm pretty sure it's happened before. If you spend enough time climbing around the rim of Mount Scott, you'll find many areas with little "tags" on them, some able to spot on the drive up.

If you're bored and want to spray paint something, do it the right way. Buy some really cheap sheets, stretch it across a giant wood frame, prime it with something to give it a little structure, then spray away to your hearts content. This is the type of stuff that belongs in your home, not mother natures.

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