It's no secret that Machine Gun Kelly has had some beef with Slipknot in the past, particularly with frontman Corey Taylor. MGK is a playable character in this year's installment of the WWE video game WWE 2k22, and someone created a Mick Thomson character and recorded the two going at it.

Kelly announced back in February that he was collaborating with WWE on the game, which came out the following month. The rapper-turned-rocker curated the official soundtrack, which includes songs by Motorhead, Poppy, Bring Me the Horizon, Turnstile and more in addition to a few of his own. When he revealed that he was also going to be a playable character in the game, he added, "So now you can slam me through a table as much as you want."

Well, someone took that as a challenge, created the Slipknot guitarist as a custom character and had it beat the shit out of MGK's in a backstage area. Then they filmed it and uploaded it to Reddit, so it's unclear whether they had the duo brawl during an actual match in the ring.

Disclaimer — we don't condone violence here, nor do we have any interest in stirring pots. It's just a video game, and it's just a clip that someone uploaded to Reddit, we aren't taking sides here. But you have to admit, it's pretty funny watching Kelly get knocked down every time he tries to stand up again. Check out the video below.

Believe it or not, MGK and Slipknot may actually be well on their way to becoming civil with one another. After all of the back-and-forth between them, Kelly actually admitted last month that he regrets the feud and wishes they'd handled it differently.

"That situation's unfortunate because I think both of us let our egos get in the way," he said. "You know, I was a fan of Slipknot. I was a fan of Corey. That's why I’d asked him to get on Tickets to My Downfall. He obviously had mutual respect, too, because he cut a verse."

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