Lilith, the mother of demons, is often portrayed as a baby snatching night fiend and is typically demonized (pun intended) for her lascivious and lustful desires. However, when you reflect on Lilith’s origins, it’s difficult not to sympathize with her as yet another victim of the patriarchy, mythological or not.

Contrary to popular belief that Eve was the first woman, in Jewish mythology Lilith’s existence actually predates the Bible’s forbidden fruit indulger. She was actually created from the same clay as Adam, rather than Eve who came after Adam’s existence and was made from one of his ribs.

Lilith was expected to be subservient to Adam, but she was having none of that. When Adam told her that she “lie beneath” him, she protested and demanded equality. Since he refused to see her as his equal, she left the garden and traded him in for the archangel Samael.

Adam demanded that God send his angels to fetch her, but she refused to come back and in turn, her punishment was that her demon children would die, which she coldly accepted. She was often portrayed as the monster for making this decision, but like, what the hell is wrong with those angels? What kind of fate is that to bestow upon a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man? Not cool, angels.

Many Satanists believe Lilith eventually went on to marry Satan himself, sitting beside him on the throne as a queen should. Hey, if you’re gonna settle down, go for the gold and tie the knot with the ruler of the underworld.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re not just celebrating Lilith, but we’re celebrating all of the women who have been demonized for liberating themselves from the confines of their own personal Gardens of Eden. From Otep to In This Moment, here are 10 songs inspired by Lilith.

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