As Soundgarden continue to disperse the highly anticipated details of their upcoming disc piece by juicy piece, the latest nugget of Soundgarden gold comes in the form of the album’s title, in addition to a tasty clip of a brand new song.

Soundgarden’s new disc will be called ‘King Animal’ and fans can check out a featured piece of a new song called ‘Worse Dreams’ below. The 36-second clip shows the legendary band working together in the studio as the new song plays in the background.

If the song  ‘Live to Rise’ from ‘The Avengers’ recent soundtrack worried anyone about the direction of  Soundgarden’s sound in 2012, this new song should draw fans back in, clearly reminiscent of that classic Soundgarden style.

Soundgarden recently confirmed a Nov. 13 release date for ‘King Animal’ in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine. In that same issue, guitarist Kim Thayil talks about the new disc, saying, “It re-establishes that we still rock, we’re still heavy, and we’re still a little weird,” and this clip supports that sentiment wholeheartedly.

In addition to the first listen of ‘Worse Dreams,’ Soundgarden recently confirmed a few additional track titles like ‘Blood on the Valley Floor’ and ‘A Thousand Days Before.’ So as all the the pieces continue to fall into place, fans just need to be patient for a few more months before ‘King Animal’ is officially let loose.

Head over to the newly launched site for more details.

Listen to a Teaser Clip of Soundgarden’s New Song ‘Worse Dreams’

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