Fans have been anxiously awaiting a new album from Soundgarden for more than 15 years, and the Nov. 13 arrival of 'King Animal' is just a couple weeks away. A deluxe edition of the release will also be available at Best Buy that includes extra tracks.

In addition to the 13 songs on 'King Animal,' demo versions of the songs 'Black Saturday,' 'Bones of Birds,' 'By Crooked Steps,' 'A Thousand Days Before' and 'Worse Dreams' will also be included.  Finished versions of all five songs also appear on the album.

'Been Away Too Long' is the first single from 'King Animal.' Frontman Chris Cornell describes the song as “a look back at history in sort of a strange atmospheric way.” Cornell called the song’s lyrical narrative a way of saying, “We’ve been gone for 15 years and now we’re back. It’s about time, and we still have something to say about rock music that no one else is saying — and I feel confident about saying that.”

So why did the band split up back in 1997? Cornell says, “We broke up because we were bored of the periphery, all of the things that are outside of the band playing music and writing songs, playing shows – that part got really boring.” Bassist Ben Shepherd adds, “The part that is outside of writing songs and playing shows. So it wasn’t the Soundgarden thing, it was the outside of Soundgarden.”

Soundgarden will play the British TV show 'Later With Jools Holland' on Nov. 6. According to Grunge Report, they've also just booked a 'Live on Letterman' mini concert following their Nov. 12 appearance on the 'Late Show With David Letterman,'  and they have two European concerts scheduled on Nov. 7 (Dortmond, Germany) and Nov. 9 (London, England).

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