Unfortunately due to the recent increase in positive COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in S.W. Oklahoma Southwestern Medial Center has reinstated their "No Visitors" policy starting today (11-05-20). Only patients receiving medical care will be permitted into the hospital at this time. This includes the main hospital and all the clinics as well with only a few exceptions to the rule.

The same thing happened a few days ago with CCMH (Comanche County Memorial Hospital) they announced their return to the "No Visitors" policy on Monday of this week (11-03-20). Click here for all the details and official press release. It's looking like the dreaded second wave of the Coronavirus we've all feared and speculated about may be looming as we head deeper into Fall and Winter, hopefully not.

In the meantime both hospitals are doing everything they can to ensure the safety and health of all their patients and staff. Maybe, just maybe, we can slow the spread or better yet completely stop COVID-19 in the very near future. Especially with the cold and flu season also about to rear it's ugly head. It's a double whammy, we have the Coronavirus to deal with and the usual cold and flu season all at the same time.

So SWMC and CCMH made the hard call and have went back to restricting all visitors at the hospital and clinics at this time. I feel bad for people stuck in the hospital for whatever reason and not being able to see their loved ones and friends. Or having a loved one or friend in the hospital and not being able to go see them. While it's certainly not the same at least we have Facetime and all kinds of other video chat and conference apps available on phones, laptops and tablets to stay connected as best we can.

For all the details on SWMC "No Visitors" policy click here to visit their official site.

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