One of the landmark releases in metal history turns 30 today as the music world celebrates Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power album. In honor of this special occasion, Texas natives Spirit Adrift have stepped up with their cover of "Hollow" released today (Feb. 25).

Vulgar Display of Power was a massive influence on my understanding of powerful songwriting, memorable arrangements, riffing, drumming, singing and heavy metal in general," says singer-guitarist Nate Garrett. “I studied the entire album from an early age, and the standout track to me has always been ‘Hollow.’ It is dynamic, emotional, unpredictable, and perfectly suited for the style of Spirit Adrift."

He added, "Covering such a great song by such a legendary band is not something I took lightly. I channeled every ounce of obsession and attention to detail into our version, making sure that we honored the original song while introducing some of our trademark elements to make it our own. Pantera are one of those bands that taught me how to play music, and I hope Spirit Adrift’s version of ‘Hollow’ does justice to their legacy.”

"Hollow" as the third of four songs released from Pantera's classic 1992 album, following "Mouth for War" and "This Love," but arriving ahead of "Walk." The track is one of the more somber offerings in Pantera's catalog, penned by Philip Anselmo about a series of losses of loved ones he had suffered in his life. While the track did not chart, it is one of the more recognizable songs in the band's history.

If you like what you hear, the Spirit Adrift version of "Hollow" is available via multiple platforms here.

In other Spirit Adrift news, after a hometown show at the Mohawk in Austin, Texas on April 22, the band will venture overseas to provide support for Yob on a tour of the U.K. and Europe. Get a look at all the shows and get ticketing info via their website.

Spirit Adrift, "Hollow" (Pantera Cover)

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