While one side of my extended crazy family might call Halloween a celebration of the devil, and the other half insist it's a communistic socialist holiday where you beg for food door to door, it is the reason for the season. Not only is it the first holiday to kick off the holiday season, it's the ultimate holiday altogether. You know why? Because it's candy, costumes, and pranks on the one night you can't be mad about your trees suddenly growing toilet paper. That's why.

A few months ago, pretty early on in the pandemic, Spirit Halloween announced that they wouldn't be opening any of their traditional pop-up stores across the United States. I suppose they were weighing on the side of caution listening to the pessimistic forecast for Fall. That didn't mean they wouldn't be doing business, they have several permanent stores across this country, just not in our neck of the woods.

Skip forward to two weeks ago, they announced store openings in OKC, Tulsa, and Wichita Falls. Even if it were a drive, the Halloween tradition of picking out your perfect costume with accessories would be a GO. We've speculated pretty hardcore about whether Lawton would receive our Spirit Halloween or not given the announcements in similar sized towns.

I can't remember if it was last year or 2018 that Spirit Halloween moved their storefront out to the 82nd Street shopping center, but I found myself out there today at Lunch. As I drove by the old Spirit Halloween building, I noticed covering across most of the windows, lights on in the background, and people digging stuff out of boxes just inside the doors. In a quick check of the official website, Lawton will officially open our Spirit Halloween on August 31st.


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