For a while now, we've been crossing our fingers and hoping Benedict Cumberbatch would soon be announced with a role in the forthcoming 'Star Wars: Episode 7'-led trilogy. Early reports placed him as a frontrunner and stated that he (along with pretty much everyone else in Hollywood) had met with his 'Star Trek Into Darkness' director J.J. Abrams. However, when all is said and done, it looks like this ship has sailed.

During a Q&A with Cumberbatch at OzComicCon, as live-tweeted by Australian entertainment outlet The Iris, the actor said that, while he would have loved to be a part of 'Star Wars: Episode 7,' it didn't work out.

While most of us would like to call this man a liar, considering he lied to all of our faces last year in hiding his 'Star Trek' character's true identity, his name has failed to pop up in most 'Star Wars'-related reports since the initial rumbling poured out.

Disney and Lucasfilm already solidified the vast majority of the cast -- with the only confirmed roles being R2-D2, Peter Mayhew returning to play Chewbacca and 'Girls' star Adam Driver portraying a new villain -- while last we heard Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, 'Breaking Bad' star Jesse Plemons, Ed Speleers, John Boyega, Matthew James Thomas, Ray Fisher and Maisie Richardson-Sellers were all being considered for roles. We do know, though, that 'Star Wars: Episode 7' will take place 30 years after 'Return of the Jedi,' will focus on a trio of new characters (one of which will likely be a descendant of Obi-Wan Kenobi), and will have some scenes taking place on Tatooine.

And now we continue to play the waiting game. 'Star Wars: Episode 7' is currently slated for release on December 18, 2015, and will kickstart a new trilogy with each new installment coming out every other year and standalone spinoff films interspersed in between. Given the urgency to begin production, we're bound to hear of the full 'Episode 7' cast very soon, so stay tuned!

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