If you talk to teachers currently working in Lawton Public Schools, the one thing that you hear over and over again is the size of the students in each classroom. And because of the shortage of teachers, it doesn't look like there is any relief in sight.

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This week the Oklahoma Board of Education  announced a 4.2 million dollar grant to help recruit new teachers to the state. This grant awarded to the Oklahoma Chapter of Teach For America (TFA) will help the organization launch a statewide strategy to increase school effectiveness, build a stronger pipeline of educators and address pandemic-related learning loss.

“We are thrilled to work with TFA to expand the footprint of their innovative and effective talent development model in our schools,” said Hofmeister. “Educators who work within the TFA model are results-driven individuals who connect deeply with students and families. These skills will be in high demand as we continue to leverage strategies to combat the teacher shortage, work to ensure students recapture unfinished learning and foster a sense of reconnection within school communities.”

With the funding, TFA will tap into its extensive nationwide alumni network for the recruitment and development of 50 teachers who will commit to working for two years in Oklahoma schools.

The organization also plans to recruit up to 20 tutors per semester from colleges and universities to support schools in a variety of ways, including academic coaching and small-group instruction.

The Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) is using a portion of federal relief dollars to fund the three-year grant.

With the continuing problem of overcrowded classrooms across Oklahoma, this grant could not have come sooner!

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