UPDATE: We reach out to producer Jay Ruston for an explanation of what happened. He told us, “Lexxi Foxx was in charge of uploading the album to Soundcloud. He pressed the DEL key on the keyboard thinking that meant DELIVER.”

Last year, Steel Panther released their fourth studio album, Lower the Bar, and had just wrapped up their next record, but will now have to take a mulligan and re-track it all.

"We finished a whole new record and we were uploading it to Soundcloud and it got deleted, so we have to record the whole thing over again," Michael Starr said in an interview at the Ramblin' Man Fair (video below). The interviewer was a bit guarded upon learning this information, assuming the singer was joking like usual. "I'm serious — the whole thing gone," he firmly stated. "The hard drives are gone. I remember all the lyrics and what I sang, but we have to record it all over again," he added, reiterating, "[I'm] not kidding."

Bassist Lexxi Foxx took a brief break from admiring himself in his handheld mirror and asked, "Does that sound funny? Not funny at all." "I'm telling the truth," Starr again insisted, explaining, "It got deleted. We saved a few of the fragments from one hard drive that crashed and we have one song, but I have to do the vocals on it still. There's no name for the record yet. Conceptually, it's about bringing heavy metal back, partying, having a good time."  Then he returned to his joking self when he said "enjoying interviewers backstage" was another one of the themes.

Steel Panther guitarist Satchel took some heat recently for his "Pussy Melter" effects pedal, with some singling out the name as crude and sexist. In response, the axeman said he'd devised an alternative name: the "Butthole Burner." He vowed, "Don't worry, it will still melt your pussy, ladies."

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