Does your love of rock outweigh your collateral? No problem! Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach and Stephen Pearcy of Ratt have got you covered with another pair of hair-metal themed commercials from short term loan king Dollar Loan Center.

You may remember Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil was the first '80s rock musician to star in one of these ads. In early May, we saw Neil driving a Zamboni at the the Dollar Loan Center Arena, (home of minor league Henderson Silver Knights hockey team) in the ad. But he wasn't just resurfacing the ice at the hockey venue, but rather showcasing the "loan approval machine" inside the Zamboni. Yes, a team of attractive female loan officers in lab coats are inside the Zamboni, pushing blinky buttons, pulling levers and working hard to get you the cash you need without undue credit.

This month, two more glam-metal legends have popped up on the Zamboni in nearly carbon copy ads. Sebastian Bach was first to appear behind the wheel of the Loan-boni earlier this month. After following the same pattern of Neil's commercial, (arena shot, zoom to Zamboni-verse of fetching loan officers,) the "18 and Life" singer screams, "Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-whooooooo!" turns to the camera, and declares "I hate math, but I love countin' money." Then he slaps the side of the machine that sets off fireworks.

Yesterday (July 25), Stephen Pearcy debuted in his Dollar Loan Center ad. Same concept, with a twist. First Stephen half-heartedly screams, "Yeahhh!" then calls back to Ratt's biggest hit saying, "I just go "Round and Round!" Hmmmm. Less endorsement for an easy-to-acquire loan and more a description of a Zamboni driver's job, I guess?

Dollar Loan Center CEO Chuck Brennan is the likely culprit behind the '80s rock theme for this campaign. Brennan was a rock 'n' roll concert promoter in the Midwest before getting into the loan biz.

Some of these '80s legends have been in the news for other reasons than Oscar-caliber acting in bad-ass ads for loan centers. Neil has gotten a whole lot of shade directed his way recently, being called out for not apologizing for the deadly decades old car crash that killed the Hanoi Rocks drummer, as well as not singing all the words to Crue songs in concert. Pearcy was the subject of Ratt reunion rumors most of the summer.

So who hawked short term loans better?  Decide for yourself and give your "super-fast approval." You can compare/contrast all three ads below.

Former Skid Row Frontman Sebastian Bach in Dollar Loan Center Ad

Ratt Singer Stephen Pearcy in Dollar Loan Center Ad

Motley Crue's Vince Neil in Dollar Loan Center Ad

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