A little under two weeks ago, it was announced that Stereo Satellite, the new band consisting of members of Adrenaline Mob, Disturbed and Rock Star Supernova would make their live debut at ShipRocked 2018. Now, you can hear the band for yourselves, as Stereo Satellite has teamed with Loudwire to premiere their first single and music video, "Glass Houses."

The video features each of the members rocking out in various spots, whether it be at home or at the beach. Singer Lukas Rossi reminds the world of his vocal range, able to pull off moodier verse segments, and letting things soar high for a chorus. The dichotomy between fury and beauty carries over into their instrumental work, dropping kickass riffs and lightning quick solos, each of them honing in on a sonic firestorm. It's catchy and heavy, delivering everything one would want out of a modern rock song, and planting the band's flag firmly in the ground.

Guitarist Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob sees the new music as a way of release, after being involved in a horrifying van accident with the rest of his band earlier this year. "Over the past recent months, I have learned a lot about how cathartic music can be, especially after going through such a heinous life-changing tragedy", said Orlando. "It's been a complete uphill battle in even trying to begin to heal physically and mentally. I have a long road ahead for sure and will have to undergo many more procedures and ongoing therapy. I don't think I'll ever fully heal mentally but I've been moved to write songs again with my brother Lukas who I feel is an amazing songwriting partner, and start this new band along with my brothers John Moyer and Jordan Cannata. I find it really helps me to cope and I can't wait to share all the music we've written and start touring again full-time."

Bassist John Moyer rejects the "supergroup" label the band has been given, saying "We hate the supergroup thing because it’s a new band in its own right. But I think it’s important for us to say we’ve been around the rock music scene for a long time and in various ways. Stereo Satellite is a new beginning for us all, and I’m looking forward to sharing our new music with the fans very soon.”

Rossi adds, "I can’t wait to release our new songs and perform them live with these awesome guys. Regarding the supergroup thing, look I don't care what you call us, just call us!"

Check out the video above and pre-order your copy of their debut album on PledgeMusic. To grab the "Glass Houses" single, head over to iTunes. Also be sure to follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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