Stitched Up Heart recently finished up the tour of their dreams opening for Volbeat and Godsmack. Having already released two singles this year so far, the band's plan is to release a new song each month until their upcoming album Darkness comes out in 2020.

"We're finished. It's done - mixed, mastered - everything's all good to go," vocalist Mixi tells Loudwire Nights. The group recorded a whopping 70 songs for this album alone, but the singer is unsure as to whether the unused tracks will appear on future releases or not.

"We just figured out what we're gonna do, as far as the plan goes. It's gonna be a little unique for the rock community, because it's not gonna be the way that albums are usually released. We're gonna try something kind of a little different to give people music consistently, like an every month you get a new song-kind of thing," Mixi explains.

"I'm really excited about how it's gonna roll out," she enthuses. "We're just trying something new, I think that with streaming and everything that's going on, this might actually help."

The frontwoman then teases that there will be "something new by the end of this month as well."

Godsmack singer Sully Erna was actually featured as a guest vocalist on Stitched Up Heart's first single "Lost" released earlier this year. Mixi and Erna developed a strong friendship over the last few years, and she admits that asking the Godsmack frontman to sing on one of her songs helped her gain the courage to ask for favors and tours from friends in other bands as well.

Listen to the full interview above.

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