Stone Sour are having a little fun with their fans at the moment building the excitement for their Hydrograd album. Back in March, while surprising a super fan with an early listen to the new disc, they revealed the album would arrive in June. Since then, there's been talk of new music coming in April and as the dates wind down, it appears we'll be getting something from the band soon. Now, to whet your appetite, the band has been using social media to cryptically tease what's on the horizon.

In a series of Facebook postings, the group has been using a cryptic font to reveal what appear to be lyrics to a song. "I can't recall the last time I was caught between the walls," reads one deciphered post. "Old foes, dead things, take a toll. Remember it's just a game," reads another. While a third states, "Those razors in the pillowcases seem to cut 'em all, but ..." See all three postings below.

You may notice that each of the posts direct fans to the band's website where there's even more teasers. The latest is a video that appears to provide the first vocals fans have heard from the new album. In the clip seen above, Corey Taylor is faintly heard belting, "I can't go, I can't go on" before the vocals start to glitch with a mix of computer code and random glitching imagery playing in the background. This all coincides with the current theme of Stone Sour's website that provides a "hacked" look with all sorts of computer code on it.

Meanwhile, Stone Sour have been hard at work in Los Angeles filming videos for the new album. Corey Taylor recently posted a pair of photos from different shoots. The first was for the song "Fabuless" which Taylor has been teasing with hashtags. He also posted a shot of him posing in a mirror with leather pants for the second video, which Taylor reveals is "Song #3," the actual single that will be coming soon.

What does it all mean? Stay tuned as new Stone Sour music is expected soon and we'll see how the computer code and cryptic font usage ties in.

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