Suede frontman Brett Anderson says fans can expect to hear some "great songs" from the band soon -- and all they had to do was wait a decade for them to be written and recorded.

Anderson, who's been publicly toying with the idea of a follow-up to 2002's 'A New Morning' for the last year, discussed his plans for Suede in a new interview, saying "It feels like it's going to be good."

Although he'd previously warned, "Nothing would see the light of day unless I was really, really excited about it," Anderson described the new material by saying, "It's about great songs, it's about great guitar hooks, it's about a very powerful band sound. So it sounds like Suede."

Explaining that the band has been sporadically recording over the last year, Anderson said, "The first couple of months were us trying to get on the same wavelength: 'Is this working?' Trying to develop the sound we wanted. Early this year we started hitting on the sort of songs that we were aiming to write, and it's sounding really good now."

Later this month, the sessions will bring the band full circle with producer Ed Buller, who worked the boards for Suede's first three albums. "We're not trying to reinvent the sound of the band, that'd be a disastrous thing to do," mused Anderson. "I think that's possibly where we went wrong on the last two albums: we didn't know where to go with the sound so we were looking for another direction, with mixed results."